Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Why is it that Spring always makes me want to change everything? Is it like the reborn newness of the season or some dang thing? It looks like some changes are coming here at work. Another job is taking off like gang busters pretty much and putting pressure on the man. When the man is under pressure then he puts pressure (stress) on me.
It's kind of like a continuous fire. Everything has to be done right now and it is never fast enough either! Not so good with the demanding types ya know?

Well he has been letting me make my own so-called schedule but is now wanting or demanding a more rigid set up. What he is really saying is that he wants me in the shop from 9-5 mon-fri PERIOD. But the more he is like this the more I rebel. Feeling sheepishly like a teenager now!
But hey I want happy days too right? He creates his own pressure and assumes that I will just take what he dishes out.

I am thinking this is the year of either a small comprimise in change or THE BIG CHANGE. The outcome has yet to be seen. I have many hurdles to jump first. I have a list of things. Now to just start checking them all off the that list. One at a time right? Like one day at a time.

So the first was to get the big bird to the vet for beak and nail trim. Check!
Next was to locate a new home, it was done actually but it fell through so that one is a start over. What it means to me is that I have to pick up the phone, call a total stranger that I met almost 3 years ago and see if he and his family would still like to welcome my bird into their family. UGH! The sheer torture of it. But I guess that I get to at least hide behind the phone for the first or initial call right?

Next is find an attorney and get a meeting. This is so much harder than it seems too! I mean, how do you pick a good one that won't fleece ya? But one that can protect you from another that might just be really vindictive and back stabbing? Trial and error I guess. I have to start by trying. Yellow pages here I come.

Next would be to then make the call, or lay down my demands for a change. If he bites it could work out for both of us at least for a time being. Or just drive the wedge farther. Depends on his animosity for me taking control of me.

Well that is my nutshell for now.......after 5pm and I am going to run outta here (if he lets me). See what I mean. Time to go get lost in knitting..........with a tad bit of socializing thrown in for good measure.
Poof!! I'm gone.

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