Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sitting here........listening

I am at work on new computer successfully setup and ready to do all things work and 'play' too!
I am listening to KIPing It Real podcast.........playing catch up.

Today was the first day of the gym sign up with DD. First class was at 8am and was called boot camp. Yes like it says, basically a circuit training program. A lot of hard work lets just say!!

New on the needles is a knit along with the High Fiber Diet podcast group on Ravelry. Not a member yet? Are you a knitter or crocheter? Sign up! Spinners and weavers too! Back to the knit along. It's the incredible custom fit raglan sweater pattern. Making a crazy ball version for oldest granddaughter Abygail. Dug out all the different and funky yarns, grouped by color and just started winding balls up by tying them all together. I have a feeling it will be too big. But there will be plenty of room to grow right? I will also be using the pattern to make one for her 18" doll. They will be closely matched.
Still working on my first pair of toe up socks on two circular needles and two at a time! Fun! I can't wait until they are finished, I am going for knee socks, use up as much yarn as I can and warmth.

Friday, January 8, 2010

another day home!

Which one do you like better?
Another day I get to stay home! Ask me......what have you done today sofar? LOL! Well I did finish this logo for a contest and got it uploaded to the site on ravelry. It is for the High Fiber Podcast. It is hand drawn and then some editing and text via random paint programs. I am working very hard to learn new programs on this mac!

Chit chatted on skype with friend, surfed the net together (too much fun!) And am now trying to get off this hard as nails chair! to get something done LOL!

Todays list of things to do, I did clear out some stuff from my closet for donation. Really nice evening dresses worn to weddings etc. They will get a good home.

Next is to wash up a load or so out of a "was supposed to be garage sale" bag of clothes from the basement and donate them too! Continue over a period of time to donate and trash the clutter in the dungeon (basement).

I guess that next time I sit down here at the computer I will have to upload a few photos too keep interest.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have ya ever?

Have you ever had one of those days? LOL. Well let me elaborate!

Spent a few hours, yes hours LOL on skype with Coggietm of the High Fiber Diet Podcast (downloadable from itunes). She is so much darn fun! Why oh why can't we live closer than 3 hours? Well since we don't, it's good that we can talk all day for free huh? Just connect on the laptop and even go from room to room and if you want to show something turn on the vidcam! YIKES did I forget to brush my hair?

Ok so for one of those days darnit! I have run or should I say NOT run across a second item I can't find since Christmas! The first was nice purse purchased at costco and now the second is a flip camcorder! Where did it go? I know that I didn't or wasn't going to use it this Christmas as it was just too chaotic, but I will be darned if I can find it now! Wish me luck in the future on this stuff!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is part of 2009

This is Lorna's laces combed top. I had two different colors devon and mountain creek that were similar and thought that they would ply up together beautifully...........see for yourself!

This plus this made this!

Without getting up off the couch and checking the label I believe that I have 702 yards to make something with! It is a light worsted and superwash merino. So I do think that it will make a good childs sweater if there is enough yardage.