Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost a year later...............

Wow has time flown by! Once I made the decision to make a change in my's all been a whirl wind ride!

New house (to me), divorce (ing), family divorced knitting (not much after Sept. 2010), new job (challenge), new friends, nice guy, new dog, motorcycle, and several new tatts. Oh my! In writing it looks like a lot huh?

This weekend is choc full o'nutz! Going to Coggietm's aka Kari's on Friday night to hang out, knit, spin and drink wine! Saturday is Sheep Shearing day at Shadyside Farm again! Yippee! Get to catch up with my farm owning friends Lona!

Then coming home Saturday night......for a full day Sunday! Detroit Tattoo convention! I think I have an appt.?! Will wonders never end?

Need to post a pic............hmmmmmmmm lets go with new dog.

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