Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something I have been thinking about

Ok for all you knitters and fiber freaks, I want to podcast..... I think. No really I want to it's just now how to develope an interesting and fun format. My brain is working overtime!
I may have to give up my farming on facebook as I would need that time for the podcast. Time management ha what's that?
If any of you readers have program ideas and suggestions please leave a comment below.
Let me know your thoughts and you might win a random fiber gift from me!
Thanks and more news as things and thoughts progress.

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Time again

Looks like it is time again to update my blog! How time flies!
Baby Reese's baptism was wonderful. And her dress looked like it was made for her, ya think?
Her mom had pictures taken and I think I can put one up here to show baby and dress off. ( insert photo here)
On other news, finished and ready to send red blend of superwash merino to my dear friend Alicia. I spun it in a heavy fingering weight yarn that I personally can't wait to hear how it knits up! Now to just add some other goodies to the box so I can ship it to her.
I still have not knit any of my spun yarns, I need just the right project or pattern first.
Oh and let's not even talk about face book!!! Dog gone farm town! It is a terrible obsession of a farming game that like all computer type games sucks up all your time. So I have not knit too much other than a couple baby hats. The most recent is the baby Squash hat from one of the one ball designer knit books that I can't remember the real title of lol! Still have to finish that scarf I can't remember the name of. Dang not doing too good huh with the memory thing that's probably not a good sign.
Most recent books I have read or listened to: Eat, Pray, Love in audio book. Interesting read. Actually I don't know that it would have held my interest if I had to read it in book form. Other readables are mostly blogs on my kindle and Crazy aunt purls drunken divorced and covered in cat hair. Ha!
Washed up the rest of Chinny's challenge fleece from peace fleece. I don't think that it was skirted, lots of vm and other stinky's. But after all the work it is spinning up well and I like it. Actually very white in it's natural color. Washed up a bit of lovely dark Romney just to see it's final color, more yummyness!
I did get my really cool gift box from Alicia, in it was 4 bars of her handmade soap, some chocolate brown fleece all scowered and ready to comb or flick and spin, a skein of malabrigo lace yarn in yellow and oranges that I will get on my needles after I finish the baby hat, a sea shell from the seashore and beach sand from Atlantic beach, keychain to hold my car keys, boy I sure hope that was all. I did take an iPhoto of the goodness and will put that up here later as well.
Still on my list of things to do are to come up with a podcast? Maybe something that I can feature my local yarn shops and spin shop along with my posts on my learning curves in podcasting, blogging, knitting, spinning, weaving and all other hobbies and crafts? At this early stange of the thinking game it just seams that it would flow better spoken as apposed the all this thumb typing updates from iPhone keyboard? I know there will be some editting involved so I might have to give up farming on face book?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first fleece washing experience

Purchased this 1 pound bag of fleece from Peace Fleece and it's called Chinny's challenge. Chinniny is one of their sheep and I have her full breed description at home.
Here it is after I got a few of the locks out of the bag...........ewe dirty and with many bits of vegetable matter or VM
Here I am washing the fleece, yes in the kitchen sink! I have a layer of tulle down with the fleece spread out on it. Makes it very easy to just pick up the tulle, squeeze out access water and then wash again. I used dawn dish soap.
After rinsing and then squeezing, I put the bundle in a towell and stepped on it to get out all of the extra water then I put it on an old window screen propped with a fan blowing up from the bottom to dry.
Here is the dried fleece and I am fluffing and picking the locks apart to get out more of the VM to ready for hand carding.
Here are some of the hand carded rollags that I did myself for the first time!
And this is what it all looks like while being spun up on my little Victoria spinning wheel. It is very white and clean and soft and I can't wait to work with more of it! I spun through all I had prepped and need to wash again...........

A couple of things

Well.........I just need to vent! Sorry but really, sometimes a person just needs to go on about nothing right?

Eh not so much I guess. I am here at work and today instead of listening to podcasts or audio books I have been watching you tube! Gee from how to make a WWII fox hole radio to silk screening a t-shirt! LOL. I really want to try that radio too!

But for me today I just have a need to wash wool. Oh I neglected to tell you that I started out on you tube watching washing, carding, combing, spinning and dying fleece. That just led to many other things to watch.

This weekend is the Michigan Fiber Festival and I am going! Never been and just want to check it out, and hey I am pretty sure that I will learn something new too. I hope to get a few pictures to post from the event.

But for now I just wanted to show you some of my wool washing and prep pics. Excuse the quality as I did this with the iphone as it was just plain old handy!

AND..... as you can see I posted the in another blog post. Was just easier that way. Enjoy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh bloggit!

So it's been a while again! Lots of things happening or happened. But it is summer right?

Pretty much had all week off last week! If you want to call it off that is. Depends on how you describe 'off'. I steamed all carpets in the house. Cleaned all floors! Cleaned and organized many rooms in my house. Tiff moved out and I got her old room set up for grandkids room. Week ago Saturday had oldest granddaughter over night for first time ever! We did a few crafts and book store run. Just had fun hanging out!

Then Wednesday evening got youngest granddaughter for both wed and thurs nights! We walked in Ann arbor, did some shopping at kohls and salvation army where I found barbies! Grandma had no barbies! We have like 8 now! Woot!

Cleaned sewing room, some. Just have a few flat surfaces to clean off and then I can do some of the just for fun sewing projects I have been wanting to do!! Fun as in soft toys and dolls for the kids to play with! Like the wacky critters and stuff in some of the books I have gotten at the bookstore I can post the names of the books with photos of finished projects later.

Can't remember if I posted that I bought a new to me old car or not on here. Did on facebook though. 1997 (see I said old) Honda accord with 81k miles. Very clean didn't need any mechanical work at all. I did however get an up to date radio, back windows tinted (for backseat graNdkid taxi purposes) and new speakers this weekeend. Even hubby likes it and has driven it exclaiming how great it drives for being such an older car! And just to be clear I bought it myself with no input from him. He didn't even see it until I brought it home lol!
I have finished spinning most of the superwash merino sock yarn for my seperated at birth twin sister (soul sister) or sister at heart? Not sure how to phrase it really as we have never met in person as yet. But the nets have brought us together non the less. I spun up 283 yards and had to order a bit more to be able to gift 400 yds to knit up some socks.
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