Saturday, January 31, 2009


Lets see what has been going on? I am in some kinda pain! Had some back/shoulder stuff on and off for some time but lately..............enough to bring tears and thoughts of Urgent care and pain meds!

So, I went and got xrays. I will find out whats going on I hope on Monday. This is so impeding on my knitting and creative life including a computer keyboard!

Current projects still are the Christening gown, haven't gotten that far really. And had to pull out at least 2 rows...................****NOTE: make sure to count your stitches BEFORE attempting your lace pattern!!! What was I thinking by NOT counting! That is my concentration project so lets just say..........not much concentrating happening in the past few days!

Still progressing slowly on my socks. Oh the socks that might not end up being mine and of course it is a now discontinued colorway of Knit Picks Felici sock yarn!!!!!!!! So I have no idea why ..........Oh wait yes I do. I have made a few pair of socks for me and they are just like one size too big. So I thought that I would cast on 56 stitches............then after several inches it looked well SMALL! I am thinking that at 9 stitches per inch and having a foot circumference of 8" that my best option would have been to cast on the 64 stitches. OH well..............worst case scenario is that these will become a very special gift to one of the two women in my life that have tiny feet!!!

Book review..........I got a couple of new knitting books. One is The essential guide to color knitting techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. This book is just great! So much information! I am not afraid of color...........or maybe I am? I have at least 3 rooms in my house of the past 9 years that still have white paint on them. (holding head in shame of commitment) But when it comes to lining purses, sewing, crafting, knitting..............color just comes to me and I feel it!

This book has a lot of stitch patterns that include more than one color. 150 color patterns. And I feel like I have to try some of them for sure! Stitches and combinations that I would have never thought of. Stuff that can take a nice knitted pattern and pump it up a notch or so with the addition of another color combined! Nice book.

Photos to come........

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much sock knitting!

Well it looks like this is the end of that sock I started yesterday! At least for about 3 weeks! I have to get the Christening Gown cast on tonight! No more procrastinating! Well actually I have procrastinated that much...........not really. I just got the yarn on Friday! And Saturday.......yep you guessed it I couldn't decide which white yarn I wanted to use! I will do a swatch and decide but I am pretty sure it will be the Berrocco Comfort DK.

I bet you all want to know what pattern I have chosen? I will get back with you on that LOL. Oh yeah I remember Jill Eaton's book Minnies. There is a very simple gown pattern in that book and I plan to add some lace to the simple design to spice it up just a notch. BAM!!

So after I get that cast on I will start posting progress notes...........this is going to be a crunch knit I just know it. Shouldn't be that hard or anything but with the hat (not sure that I am making that) it calls for almost 1000 yards! Knitting fingers, body and mind get ready!!
Well that's all for now..........have to finish up at work here so I can get home to cast on!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day one of socks 7/8". Not too bad for a quick start project. lets see how long it takes me to finish them! Socks always seem to take me quite a while, maybe that's because I usually have one other project in the works?

I Love making them. I have only 3 pair and hubby has two. I have made a couple pairs of socks for babies because they are quick and easy and usually I get to use up left overs from adult socks. That is usually enough to get me over my 'I need to knit socks' mood. But not this time, I am going for it! Making them for me.

Well lets see if this works!! I am going to try to post my photo of the finished sweater from my cell phone!!!!
If the photo isn't that good after sending via cellphone I will get a better one later.:-D

Hey I gotta admit........Not too bad for a cell phone photo huh?

Waaaaaaaaaaaay behind

Well its been over a week since my last post. Things have happened............again. That's what life is all about right? Happenings.

Debbie mom of the grand twins lost her job on Tuesday. This is just not good at all. They will do fine. Probably have to give up lease car and walk out on house and mortgages..................but as long as they remain a happy and healthy 'family' that's OK with me.

Finished Abygail's sweater!!! This is good. I will have to take a good photo to post after it dries.......smelled like shop. I just hope that it fits. For some reason this one seems smaller than the one I made for Madison for Christmas. hmmmmmmmmm we will see. I also made a beret, it too might be small. If it is I will just give it to her little sister to grow into.

I made myself a beret also.............yeah right! For some reason I can't make a hat to fit my head! Its way to big. But Tiffany tried it on and decided that she liked it and said that she wants one like it. I was like OHMYGOSH you gotta be kidding?!!! Its yours kid!

I should be casting on the Christening gown for Reese.......but I didn't yet. I got the yarn that I wanted and have the pattern ready, and the changes to the pattern that I want to make by adding lace inserts and patterning. Now I am just trying to decide if I should have a straight hem, picot hem or a fancy one........While my brain works on those thoughts I cast on a pair of cuff down socks for ME. I have some knit picks Felici sock yarn in 'Dakota'. Love the colors! Purple, lime green, sage green, brown and gold stripes. I am doing two at once on two circular needles on size US 1. Have about an inch done and just started this evening.

Last Friday Tiffany highlighted my hair with a cap. Well it really sucks! LOL. So on Saturday she came home early and I used her car to go get my usual hair cut. Short and spiky. Thank goodness too I feel so much better.

Today (Sunday) Hubby and I went to Plymouth to the ice festival. Okay so the whole ice stuff wasn't that great but there were a TON of people there! So people watching was at its best! Then a quick stop at Starbucks. On the way out we ran into a couple that had a Rhodesian Ridgeback male dog. We used to have one his name was Buk. Timbuktu. Anyhow we got to talking and it seems that their dog likes to eat things other than food too! Our dog had to be put to sleep after several surgeries for stopped up intestines. He ate whole one too many socks. Yes, socks whole! Their dog has eaten pens, a jar of wood putty and many other items too! He had to have a surgery also and while in there the Dr. found more non-food items! Sheesh and all this many years later I thought that had I watched him closer maybe it wouldn't have happened. Yeah NO! They said that their dog was sneaky too and they hardly ever have seen him actually eat the non-food items! My mind and heart are a bit more at ease now.......of course it has been about 10 years! I guess I should be over it don'tcha think?

On that note.........probably not over it as my mama lovebird of 17 years just passed away. Of old age I am convinced. She was practically blind from cataracts in both eyes and possibly even a stroke or two. Her name was Chiquita Maria Lolita Consuelo. Her mate was Chi Chi like Rodriguez the golfer.

Okay that should do it for catching up for the day...I have so much more to say. But I really want to knit a bit. Tomorrow at work will just be another long day of podcasts, movies, ebooks and audio books to get through the day. I have a very boring job standing behind an automatic machine that I have to do something to keep my brain stimulated! At some point I will also write about all that too.

But good night for now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just another MOnday


So much has happened in the past week! I can't believe that a whole week has gone by already.............sheesh next thing you know it will be Christmas?

First a photo of some knitting progress on the sweater for Abygial's 5th birthday.

Actually...........I am farther along than this now.........I have about 1/2 of the sleeves finished, then to do the cuff and I will have to find some cool buttons. And then it will be finished! Next on the list of knitting is to make a christening gown for Reese. I think I can get one finished in about 4 weeks. I have it all designed in my head. Probably should jot it down and plan it out but first I have to get just the right yarn.

Next thing that went sorta wrong last week, it was below freezing and we drive a Volkswagen Jetta Diesel. Diesel.........that's what happened. Fuel jelled and car was towed to the dealership as we were already in Ann Arbor returning the rental van. Of course when all this happened the rental places were now closed!! So I had to call Tiffany and have her pick us up on her way home from work. She works in Livonia, we were in Ann Arbor and we live in Brighton! Couple extra miles on her car that night! Then to top things off, we called to have car rental place pick us up so that we would rent a car until ours was fixed. Dealership didn't look at it until today.
Backing up some the car rental place was supposed to be there to get us at 9:30 am so we could get to work. After having to call them 4 times finally someone showed up at 11:30!

Saturday was spent sitting around............didn't feel good. He was supposed to go to work, didn't. I don't know why but I just can't clean house when he is home! I love to clean when he is outta my hair. But when he is home, he just sits there.............doing nothing. Not helping and it really doesn't motivate me to want to do anything either! Ah enough about that.

Sunday went to see grandchildren, Abygail and the twins! OHMYGOSH they are growing so much and getting so big! They are 6 months old already! Hard to believe. Abygail and I had a bit of arts and crafts (that's what she calls it) time. I brought over some yarn and a knitting spool. Taught her how to use it and we made some hats and scarves for her barbies. I really think that she could learn to knit with two needles! I figure that if I can expose her to a few good things she will have something to choose from. Something that will work to keep her creative.

Another thing or two that is keeping me busy is my ipod touch, facebook this blog and Ravelry! I think that I spend too much time online and not enough time knitting! Ok I should get some work done...........going out into the shop to run an Acme Gridley Screw machine.

Bye for now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A brief post.........

So, I was just visiting knitwych's blog and she has a photo of her Chihuahua Gomez. So I thought that I would pop up a photo of my Chi named Chico. This February he will be 8 years old.
This nifty harness is his work attire, he wears this so that he can ride in safety and comfort in his own doggy car seat! Its either that or I get to work covered in dog hair! Only took my 7 years to figure that one out!
I thought that Chi's didn't shed much? Mine does and always has. I found that the best way for both of us to bathe him is to use the people bath tub. The kitchen sink and the laundry tub made him feel claustrophobic or something and he would freak out some.
I have yet to make him his own comfy warm winter sweater.........lets just say his outdoor 'aim' isn't too good and he usually ends up peeing on the back of his left front leg and his belly! So anytime you give him a coat or sweater you can bet he will get it wet! What do do? I have yet to figure out how to make a sweater that will stay in place yet that can't get peed on!
Any ideas?
Well that's about it for now, must hit the bank and get back here to run a machine or two and make parts!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


What a weekend here in Michigan!! More snow. Friday the snow started and we picked up Baby Reese as we were baby sitting on Saturday. Well with all the snow on Saturday...........we got the baby for 2 nights!! She is such a sweetie.

Needless to say I didn't get much done all weekend!! Didn't even knit until today after Reese was picked up. I am hoping to get the bottom edge of the bolero finished tonight!

Tomorrow its back to work. It will be a tough month! I don't think that we will have any baby sitting Saturdays for a while! Have to ship those parts! But I am ready.........well at least I am starting with positive thinking. LOL! I have the new ipod charged and filled with lots of pod casts, an audio book that I would like to finish, a couple video pod casts, a few videos too! Put that battery to a real full day test of use!

I made soup. Its my spin on an Italian Wedding soup. And boy is it good! Ok I will share the recipe here.........and now. Ready? The following is the shopping list and also the order I put things in the pot.

1 Big soup or stock pot
1 large or 32 oz. of chicken stock
64 oz of water (might need a bit more after filling the pot with ingredients)
1/2 package celery hearts washed and sliced
1 package small carrots (sliced)
1/2 large onion chopped
Put pot on medium heat
cut 4 half chicken breasts into cubes add to pot, stir to separate
1 package Jennie O turkey sausage in hot or sweet Italian flavoring. Remove skin, cut in half lengthwise and then cross wise into cubes. Roll each cube into a small meat ball and drop into soup.
Now that you have the majority of the ingredients in the pot you might add a bit more water you want equal parts broth and soup stuff. Salt and Pepper to taste.
Put a lid on turn to LOW heat and simmer for a few hours.
When almost ready to serve, add 1/3 box orzo pasta, stir then add spinach leaves rolled and then sliced into 'ribbons'.
There you have it! When orzo is soft or cooked about 7 minutes serve soup! It is 10 times better the next day too!!!

I decided to change the look and feel of my blog today. Just wanted a knitting feeling and pretty pink colors. What do you think?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Whats new today?

Well...........whats new?

Currently I am working on a second Children's neck down Bolero. This one is for Abygail's 5th Birthday! I can't believe that she will be 5 already! Here is a photo of my progress. I must say........this photo is not the best I forgot my camera at home and this is from my cell phone. But it will do for now.

Oh and its FRIDAY!!!! Ha not like that matters too much. Self employment has so many disadvantages, not as many advantages as people think!

BUT!..........I will get to pick up Baby Reese tonight and have her over night again to watch her all day Saturday! There is a HUGE perk! Nothing like the sweet smell of a baby.
How many of you have an ipod? What type or version do you have? Do you just love it? What do you use if for most?
Well I have had mp3 players forever.......have an ipod mini (1st gen) and it was ok but battery life was not so hot! So I got an el cheapo that takes one AAA battery. Since I work in a shop the days are long. So mainly I used mine for FM and audio books with some knitting pod casts also! The hardest thing about listening to people talk about knitting when you are working is that all you want to do is KNIT!! LOL.
Now comes can only listen to soooooooo many books! Environment is such that you can't actually read a real book. And after a while your brain gets mighty tired!
OK follow me here? Video...............yep watch movies, watch video pod casts...........this is an awesome idea!! But out of all those players which one do you want? Which one can you afford? And which one will suit your needs best?
After extensive, and I mean exhausting research. I chose the ipod touch. At first I was leaning towards the Ipod Classic vs. Zune..........all has to do with $$$$$. Then somebody talked me into trying the touch. Hey you can get one at Costco with a 90 trial period. If you don't like it or it doesn't suit your needs you can return it! Well so far...........I love it!! The true test will be the nest few weeks when I am out in the shop working.
Why did I have the classic and zune in mind at first? Classic has the best battery life (hours of video) and the zune has wi fi capability! So you can download etc. it also has FM and the classic does not. But the ipod touch has wi fi (good), pretty good battery life for video (better) and you can still listen to music channels with wi fi and a program called Pandora (best). So basically its worth a 90 trial.

Monday, January 5, 2009

OK I found something else to make!

I know that Christmas is over but I think that I have to have one of these knitted kitchmas trees!

I know you will too! Post a comment if you think this is something you have to have!!

Just go right down below this sentence to your right and click that to me.

One more project completed!

Darn, I forgot another sewing project finished! Of course I don't have a picture of it as I quickly gave it to Amanda to tote Reese around.

Its a baby sling! I found this pattern online some time ago in preparation for all these babies! This is the site for the pattern. Be sure to book mark it as I have tried to just get there from the home page with no luck.

It is very easy to make. I used two fabrics to make it reversible. With one heavier fabric you only need two yards, with 2 fabrics you will need 2 of each fabric and you will get 2 slings with both methods.

Photo to come.................

It is however another finished project! I am on a roll for 2009!

Have fun with this one!

Current projects

Lets see, current projects................

Project finished: 2 stockings for the twins.

Well I am working on the knitting pure and simple neck down bolero for Abygail's birthday. That is February 19. She will be 5 years old. Hard to believe!! I am knitting hers in Plymouth encore color spun worsted number 7515. I only have a few rows done at this time.

I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble with sewing projects in it. One of which is just an inspiration for me as I made the pattern my own making it a different size and also adding a front pocket.

Now I bet you would like to know what book I got? Grandma Dee sent me a gift card for my Birthday and one for hubby and I for Christmas. We like to go and have a coffee and browse books and magazines, of course with me purchasing a few now and then. Ha! You should see my library...............oh my.Finally I have found the book on Amazon. The New Handmade : Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style. Amazon has the feature so that you can take a look at what you are buying online.

If you look at a few of the photos, its all pretty simple. But very inspiring! I made the ipod cover for my ipod but added a front pocket that can hold the cord or earphones. I used a strange vinyl type fabric with some stretch. Just a scrap of an old bit of clothing I cut up and used for something else. I then lined it with flannel because you all know how much you don't want your ipod scratched! Its a vintage flannel that my step mom had in her stash and I know for a fact its over 20 years old. But cute. For my padding or batting I used felt because that's what I had on hand.

The only other project I have been working on is finishing a sweater for a customer. I think that I have another month before she comes back to town. Snow Bird I think.

I try to keep my projects to only a few.........if I get too many going at one time I get overwhelmed! That is why one of my Christmas gifts hasn't been used yet too! I got a Cricut machine and 2 cartridges. I am dying to use it.....but feel that I must get the things that I am behind on finished in order to really enjoy it! I got an extra font cartridge and the paper doll one! That will be so fun to use with the granddaughters! Cut out dolls and let them pick hair, dress etc. fabric or pattern paper to dress them and decorate them in.

My Birthday...........

Every year like most of you I have a Birthday..........This year could have been one of the best, but my husband didn't approve of what Tiffany got me for my birthday present. Oh and before I show and tell my is also our wedding anniversary. Sixteen years married and 20 together.

Show and tell is..................we got matching tattoos! I have wanted this tiny butterfly on my left wrist for the past 3 years. I already have one tattoo that I got 16 years ago at the bikini line. How did I manage that you ask with hubby's disapproval? We were separated at the time!

This photo is the day after I got it so its a bit red still. I will have to replace this photo with a more current one. But I LOVE IT!! So that's all that matters right?
My birthday/ anniversary is on Dec. 21 yes 4 days before Christmas. Lets just say that I had a lot of peace and least 2 days worth before he talked to me again! No present for either birthday or anniversary.
I am 45, yes fourty five years old and its my day!
I do like tattoos, but c'mon I am not going to go and fill up my whole arm or something! Oh and by the way for anyone thinking of getting one I am not going to lie to you IT HURTS LIKE HECK! Really, brought tears to my eyes. But for me it was worth it, I love it. Do I have plans for any more. No not at this time.

Christmas knitting

How have all of you done with your Christmas or Holiday knitting? Did you finish? In a round about way...........I did. What I mean by round about is that Rob & Deb wanted stockings for each of them since they are pretty sure that there family is now complete. My goal was to at a minimum make the parents stockings. I was able to get that finished and here are the photos!

The first one was of course dad Robbie's stocking. I tried my hand at some colorwork, cheated some with self patterning yarn too! But the results are awesome!

Second was mom Debbie's stocking. Again some hot pink fair isle snowflakes on black.

And third Miss Abygail's stocking. My thought here was to be able to re-decorate it each year. I purchased some stiffened craft felt and cut shapes for a princess or diva. Star, diamond ring, high heel shoe etc. Just cut a slit for a button hole and ta Da! Next year we can make some new shapes together when they are ready to decorate for Christmas! Cool Huh?

But......yes there is always a but! I had also planned on making each of the bigger girls Abby and Madison a bolero sweater. Now of course that part did not happen! Madison got a sweater (her first from me) and since I knew that I would not have time for another one before Christmas I was able to knit Abby a stocking so that she did get something knitted also. Whew! Yes her stocking is with the photo of the parents stockings........

However.........Look here! I do have a photo of Madison's bolero sweater!! The pattern is from knitting pure and simple called Children's neck down bolero #275 I used a Plymouth encore color spun worsted number 7511. Take a look.

As for the rest of my Christmas knitting, I made Tiffany a pair of fingerless mitts pattern and yarn from knit picks. Pattern called 2-needle fingerless mitts . I used a knit picks yarn but for the life of me I can't remember the name or colorway! And it was purchased 1-2 years ago just for this may be lost forever. Once she opened the box she was so thrilled that I haven't seen them since! So, no photo at this point. The only change to the pattern I made was to knit them two at a time and make the cuff, thumb and finger area a bit longer. At the cuff you can wear them long or cuff them for a shorter mitt. Very quick and easy to make, I might try them again knitting in the round two at a time.

Happy New Year!!!!!! 2009

Well I have been so busy since that sweet granddaughter Reese was born that blogging has taken the big ole back seat!! But not for long.

I am going to catch you all up on events, I am quite sure that this will take more that one entry.

Baby came home the day after Thanksgiving (Yippee). During her stay in the hospital, Grandma (that's me) knitted her a beautiful sleep sack with matching hat. The pattern is from Knitting at Knoon and called Sweat Pea
The pattern worked out beautifully.
Isn't she beautiful?