Friday, July 24, 2009

One more time about the car..........I BOUGHT IT!

Back to the car wasn't what I had in mind but it is an awesome car and deal and I don't have to shuck out a ton if money right now but I will still have a nice car and reliable
I still feel a roadtrip of some sort coming up!!
Oops machine just ran outta parts!

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To New car or not to new car?

I might I think I am getting this car it's a dark teal green 97 Honda accord 81k miles body clean original owner trade in new exgast new tires new timing belt and water pump clean inside
Yeah I know one super loge sentence but blogging from iPod while working at machine making parts!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

FREE Down and Dirty swiffy cover pattern

Down n dirty swiffy sweep cover

Needle size 9 us
Comfort dk 1/2 skein
Sprinkles 1/2 skein
4 1-1/2" buttons

Co 40 stitches holding dk yarn doubled

K 3 rows, knitting each row (garter st)

K6 sts, Bo 4 sts, k 20 sts, Bo 4, k rem 6 sts turn

K 6sts, co 4, k20, co 4, k rem 6 sts. You just made your button holes!

Garter st next 12 rows

Cut one dk yarn and add sprinkles yarn

Garter st until fuzziness is 5"

Cut sprinkles an pick up second dk again

K 12 rows garter st

Knit back and forth on just 15 sts for 2", Bo

Join yarn at base of first tab, Bo 20 sts

K on rem 15 sts until it is 2" or same as first tab, Bo

Sew 2 buttons back to back on tab and then do the same with the second.

Wrap around your swiffy head and enjoy using reversable, reusable cleaning dusting down and dirty swiffy sweep cover!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I did today

See video of what I did today!

And just so you know, this is an ACME Gridley screw machine. Each of the parts we make represents the center of a car steering wheel! Since we are a tier 4 supplier to automotive you have to take into consideration scrap and fallout. But that is just one of the operations we do.


Just testing to see if I can update my blog from the iPhone!

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Oh and how SWEET is this! It worked and boy I could even send video? Lemme check on that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sockie progress

I am currently working on socks for a tiny girl and this is my progress, only about 1.5 inches but its a start!! Now I can't find the wrapper for this yarn (of course) but it is Crystal Palace yarn either Maizy or Panda soy. It is a nice soft yarn that has a cotton feel but soft and squishy. I took this silly picture with the web cam on this silly little (I mean little) netbook computer.
I also just have to post another photo of a granddaughter, how flippin cute is this one?

Have you ever tried the new starbucks java chip frap icecream? OHMYGOSH!!! Go find it and give it a try! Yummo!

I need to get to spinning but there are just a few other things i have to work on first. Grand babies coming over on Friday night for sleep over and I need to get DD room cleaned up after she moved out, wash sheets etc. Work workwork never ends.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A new photo of hand spun

I have a new photo to post.
This yarn I purchased from butterflygirldesigns at Etsy. Color name: BLUE MORPHO

Here is the description: There are three layers in these batts: black superwash merino, Aegean blue bamboo and a dark cornflower blue superwash merino.Contents: 67% superwash merino, 33% bamboo, 3 oz.

After spinning I ended up with 3 oz. (hey that's pretty good eh?)

It too is a fingering weight yarn and 19 wraps per inch. I plan on making myself socks from it. I will do my first toe up socks to make sure that I have enough to actually wear. Might be anklets but who cares I spun it, gonna knit it and can wear it myself right?

After spinning


Well did that get your attention?

I have a book that I purchased just for this occasion. The name of it is Wrap Style by Pam Allen & Ann Budd editors of Interweave Knits. I linked to another site so that you might view some of the designs in this book if you don't already know. Just click on view more images under the photo of the book at the site. win this book you must sign up to follow my blog. I will wait until there are at least 10 new subscribers and at that point put all the names in the random generator and pick a winner. I hope to have this completed by the end of July so that the winner may start by making their own wrap to wear or gift before the colder season approaches.

Leave a comment at the end of this post also and I will run a random generator on comments and send out another nice gift for that winner. Gift to be determined ,but hey what the heck it's a contest right and it's free.

Have fun, no fighting, hair pulling or name calling. LOL

Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting back in the saddle

Ok it has been quite a while since my last post. Don't know why really.........other things going on perhaps?

My spinning wheel...........LOVE IT! Love spinning on it and have spun several skeins of yarn already! Today I purchased a book called SOCKS FROM THE TOE UP by Wendy Knits. My usual mode of sock knitting is from the cuff down, two circs and two socks at the same time. Since this whole spinning thing started I want to knit toe up as to not either run out of my hand spun or to be able to use it all up.

I know I know, photos of all that hand spun. Now these are all spun on the new wheel which happens to be that very wheel that I posted a photo of a while back. Louet Victoria. LOVE IT!

Any how the photos are here and I am happy to show them off. Now that I have finally posted the pictures.............sheesh! First photo is of the single samples that people from the Spinning Loft tested wheels with my bobbins. At the time they were not yet mine, so when they became mine I got their spun stuff! I then double plied them together just to get a feel for the wheel and so as to not waste any time by just treadling and not spinning anything. It make sense to me. Also there in the first photo on the left is some of that mystery wool that I practiced with while spinning with spindles. So I took another 'spin' and plied them together while tossing in some left over threads from embroidery machine and sewing. Cute huh? Might look good woven on a loom?

In the second photo I spun up the rest of the hand dyed by me with Easter egg colors the last of the mystery wool. The end result is a worsted weight yarn. Have no idea what to make from it.

The last photo is the fiber I received in a swap from the Ravelry group The High Fiber Diet podcast group swap. I received from my swap partner approx 5 oz .of Shirazz Merino Rambouillet and silk batt. It is a true sock weight and I ended up with a finished 4.5 oz and 475 yards double plied. This was a pleasure to spin! So soft and I think that it might become a somewhat lacy feels just soooo good on my neck!

I have also been on a small fiber spree! Yeah like I don't have enough yarn to knit with now I have to spin my own that I will possibly never knit up because then I can't fondle it any more. Actually I do have three of the handspuns that I have plans to knit up.
I have also found that I have to better document or record my progress and also fiber cost etc. you know just in case someone sees one of these they can't live without and wants to purchase it just because I spun it myself and it is just too beautiful to pass by! I better hurry up and knit up what I want before anyone sees these beauties!

Other news? Grand kids are growing like weeds! OHMYGOSH! The twins are now crawling like the wind and pulling themselves up and standing! Abygail is off to summer 1/2 day camp next week (thanks to gramma here). She will be going 1/2 days for one week. To break her in, give her a goal to reach for for next summer when she could go for a full day , full week of summer camp! I am confident that she will love it. Next we have the 3 year old Madison who if finally potty trained and can now come and stay at grammas to play and maybe over night too. She is a doll and her baby sister Reese just started crawling too! She is on the move to keep up with her twin cousins who are going to be ONE this month! Reese is only 8 months tomorrow and zipping around all over! All the babies are getting teeth too! So you never know who or when any of them will be teething and crabby or have running noses and just not happy.
I should probably stop now..........if I get too long winded about virtually nothing boredom will surely set in.

So I am quitting today and hope to get back in at least the weekly swing of updates on my blog. Oh I got an iphone (new one) and its the BOMB. I might be posting from it soon too. ;)