Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chocolate, Coffee and Wine

Can one live on Chocolate, Coffee and Wine? I don't know, sounds like a new and improved diet to me!


Yeah well I found out that my shoulder/is really a neck problem. After xrays it seems that there is a bony protrusion on the right side of my spine and that it is not uncommon along with changes (age) ((Great)).

I guess that I stressed myself in some way, stretching or lifting or maybe ...........knitting?

Maybe if I type that small enough I won't see it? You know the old head hung down in the same position for waaaaaaaay too long because you just gotta knit that ONE MORE ROW! Yeah that.

But after several visits to the chiropractor I am getting relief. He is not cracking anything :( (I love getting my back and neck cracked!!) But he is hooking me up to this decompression machine thingy. So for about 15 minutes it kinda pulls my head away from my shoulders pulling and releasing, pulling and releasing..............actually feels pretty darn good too. Oh getting back the strain, that has probably caused a disk to bulge or just inflammation of the area and is pressing on a nerve that sends me to the moon in pain in my shoulder which of course radiates to down my arm to make my thumb tingle! But it is improving.

This Saturday will be 'Arts and Crafts' with gramma. Abygail who is going to be 5 this month will be coming over to make valentines with me. She already purchased a few tiny cards to give out and I got fruit roll ups and laughy taffy to put into the heart shaped purse/bag that we will make with my Cricut machine. Oh I am telling you, you gotta love this machine!!!! I will post photos of craft day after the fact.

But for now I have not worked much at all only a couple of rows on the socks that may or may not be mine. And the Christening (thank goodness) has been postponed until the 3rd Sunday in March. So I am working on my rendition of a Christening gown for Baby Reese. Here let me get a photo..................

Ok, so don't look at it too closely because I used the cell phone camera and it really didn't take that great of a photo! But you get the idea of the bottom edge of the dress. If we want to we can thread some white ribbon through these eyelets or just leave them. I will leave that part up to the mom. I am now starting the lower edge of the dress and will be putting another lace pattern about 1/3 up the length of the skirt portion of the dress and fade that into solid stocking stitch. The bodice will be another pattern.................

Well that's about all for now have to head into Ann Arbor and return the rental van that we used for work today ( and about every Thursday).

Take care until next time!!