Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Forgot what I was doing..........

Sheesh I can get sooooo distracted on the net! One minute I am looking at this and the next that and Oh yeah I was going to update the blog here with a new photo of the Christening gown and it's progress...............
Here ya go

Next step now that first blocking is complete is to sew on button at back neck closure and then add ribbon at bodice then decide if or how many beads to hand sew into the centers of the flowers or snow flakes as the lace pattern calls them.

hmmmmmm what else is newsworthy? Oh I enabled an internet buddy to learn spindle spinning. She lives in NC and has just about as many hobbies/crafts/ loves as I do so hey whats one more? I sent her some rovings, some I dyed, some baby alpaca and also some undyed. Gotta start somewhere right? Oh and let's not forget the spindle! A very nice Louet spindle.

Hoping that today is the day that I get to pick up my wheel................just waiting for my bankcard or checks to arrive. Darnit! I think that either I am sleeping really WRONG or that all this spindle spinning is creating a new knot in my neck and it hurts!

Progress on the LYS sample scarf is moving along. I am almost finished. Lets say I have one more repeat with a different color and then bind off! Nothing like making a scarf long wise eh? I mean 431 stitches long? I must have been out of my mind doing it this way as if you make a mistake you are not just frogging back 20 or 30 stitches to fix it but could be the whole 431 or for that matter double if it was a couple of rows back and you can't figure out how to drop the stitch and re-knit it! Not that I have done that or anything.............really.

My black baby alpaca and multi colored yarn I made has been washed and is hanging to dry and set the twist............then I will have to knit something from it. Thinking fingerless mitts just a simple knit 3 purl 3 type pattern. Don't want to take away from the yarn itself with a pattern.

I have so many things going through my brain that I just can't seem to figure out were to start making them happen! I should probably start my list again and prioritize? Looks like I will have almost 2 weeks off work intermittently anyhow as after this shipment of parts to go out at the end of the week we don't have anything else until the end of the month. Here is hoping that I get to stay home and work on house projects. I think that if I start with that I will be more motivated to accomplish my other goals. Nothing like a clean, fresh house with some organization and yes I am going to have that darn garage sale and unload everydarnthing that I haven't touched in well lets just say the last 10 years! It's just so hard to determine what is a 'keepsake' item and what is just hording!

I guess that's about it for now and I might should go and run a few parts.............all the better to get it over with and done so that I get a couple weeks to work on the ME projects.