Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Current events...........

My current events are as such: Baby Reese is still in hospital. Breathing on her own but not as good as Dr.'s want. She is also not sucking bottles as she should. So just a bit longer. But she is beautiful and such a princess already.
Whats on my needles? I am now working on a sleep sack for Baby Reese. Made from Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn in white, yellow and pink stripes. I will post a photo soon of my progress. I hope to get it finished before Reese goes home. I estimate another week. She is now 2 weeks old today! And also today would have been her delivery date for the c-section. But her real due date if it would have been a natural birth with no complications would have been Dec. 15th. So she is early and it might take her a bit longer to get used to things outside the womb. Now if we could only convince her mom of that!
Speaking of mom, I also have a photo to post of mom's first time holding baby and first time for grandma and grandpa too!
more later!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo of finished blanket

I so forgot to post this photo!
So here is the completed baby blanket made from the knitted baby wash cloths with had sewn flannel backing and in the second photo you will see a really cool ribbon label that I had made to put on the back!

The blanket is now on baby Reese's incubator top and all the nurses just love it and comment all the time! I have even had many ask if I am the one that made it!

Quick baby update

Hello all!
Just a quick note to fill in some baby blanks.

Baby was named Reese Louise, she was 5lbs. 8oz and 17" long. Shortly after her very stressful birth she did develop pneumonia or what the Dr. thought could be so they started treating her immediately. She has had a very hard time breathing and been on CPAP machine.

Mom was able to hold her for the first time on Friday the 7th and Dad for the first time Sunday the 9th. They have both changed a couple diapers too. Grandpa and I are hoping it will soon be our turn! Yesterday the nurses were going to start to nipple feed her. Mom has been pumping and baby has been fed via ng tube.

I have knitted her a pair of Peeps in pink along with a hat of my design that I will post photos of when I get the hat finished.

Grandpa and I got to baby sit the twin grand kids while mom and dad took Abygail up to see baby Reese and Aunt Amanda. We had such a nice time, the babies are starting to coo and giggle and smile. They are so adorable!

Photos to follow in a bit!
Take care all,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surprise surprise!!!!

This was the biggest surprise of the day for our family! This is our newest grand daughter who will either be named McKenzie Louise or Reece McKenzie..........
She was born at 12:03 on Nov. 4 approx. 6 weeks early. Her scheduled C-section date was Nov. 18. She weighs in at 5 lbs. 8 oz. and we didn't have a length yet. Both mom and baby are doing wonderful!
The photo to the left was taken seconds after delivery and the top 2 are within 2 hours old.
Isn't she precious? She looks just like her half sister Madison who is 3 1/2 years old.
Ok and for my other surprise................THE PIT SLUG HAS BEEN LOCATED!!!! He actually did make it to his new home with Miss Violet! If you listen to the LimenViolet podcast you would have actually heard me mentioned! I bust out laughing with my headphones on listening to the podcast at work and boy did I get some looks! Looks like what the heck is happening to her NOW? LOL.
And for the knitting schedule....................TOTALLY BLOWN NOW!
I had planned for finishing new babies pink booties today. Then on the the sleeper sack (can't remember the name of the pattern right now will fill in later). I will be putting a rush on that now! Still having to finish them booties on the second one now............BUT yes you know there is always a but. I am hooked on making the Sweet Peeps booties! They are just too fun! I was working on number 2 after midnight waiting for both mom and baby.......that was a mistake I have found out. So this morning on the way to work I had to pull out maybe 12 rounds. Instead of 4 purl rows and 4 knit rows in some places I had 5 rows. I am not one to be overly perfect, if it had only been say one section I would have left it but it was in all three knit or purl sections! That adds up to too much height in the foot area.
So I am back on track. Should be out in the shop working but just had to get my thoughts up here to share while fresh in my mind.
Seems that all my best thoughts for blogging are while I am doing something else! So that when I get to actually blog about stuff, it just doesn't come out like I think.
So take care and I will be back!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

As promised, here are photos of Halloween. Babies in hats, Abygail as 'Hannah Montana' with her dad posing for song!